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30 juicy, magical + radical self care ideas to hit the reset button on your mind, body + soul

Tom Robbins once said: "There are only two mantras; yum and yuck. Mine is yum." As such, here are 30 of my favorite "YUM", aka "Self Care" Ideas. They're juicy, magical and radical. But what the heck is self care, anyway? There are a lot of definitions out there. My definition of self care is: Whatever makes you say "MMMmm, yes, Ohhh, more of THAT, please!!" with either a huge, shit eating grin on your face (or a look of total tranquility). So, what gives you a hard on? What makes you say “HELL YES!”? What makes your spirit fly, what soothes your weary soul? Approximately what percentage of the day are you saying YUM.... and what percentage are you saying YUCK? ... time to recalibrate, eh? Well, let’s get to work then!

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