30 juicy, magical + radical self care ideas to hit the reset button on your mind, body + soul

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30 radical self care ideas to hit the reset button on mind body and soul

Tom Robbins once said: "There are only two mantras; yum and yuck. Mine is yum."

As such, here are 30 of my favorite "YUM", aka "Self Care" Ideas. They're juicy, magical and radical.

But what the heck is self care, anyway? There are a lot of definitions out there. 

My definition of self care is: Whatever makes you say "MMMmm, yes, Ohhh, more of THAT, please!!" with either a huge, shit eating grin on your face (or a look of total tranquility).

So, what gives you a hard on?

What makes you say HELL YES?

What makes your spirit fly, what soothes your weary soul?

Approximately what percentage of the day are you saying YUM.... and what percentage are you saying YUCK?

... time to recalibrate, eh?

Self care means different things to different people. We all nourish and nurture ourselves in our own way- it's a unique and personal kinda thing. "Taking a ride on a bicycle" might be fabulous self care to me (IT'S NOT), but drudgery to you. It's all good. And it's why I invite and encourage you to tailor my "30 JUICY, MAGICAL + RADICAL SELF CARE IDEAS" list to meet your specific needs and desires. 

TIP: When coming up with self care ideas, remember to consider your Spiritual, Occupational, Social, Intellectual, Sexual, Emotional and Physical wellbeing; these are "the 7 dimensions of wellness".

But holy heck, what if right now at this moment you don't even know what self care looks or feels like, because you haven't ever really done it... or haven't done it in a verrrrry long time. Well, you most definitely have engaged in self care before, I promise. 

Just think back on the last time you felt: juicy, divinely feminine, elevated, uplifted, relaxed, safe and secure, wild and weird (in a good way), sexy, authentic, vibrant, zen, exhilarated, free, proud, wrapped in the arms of the great cosmic mother, holy, unconditionally loved, etc. etc. What were you doing that made you feel that way?! Write it down.

Try these 30 juicy, magical and radical self care ideas and see if you don't feel like a total goddess!

Day #1

Find or create a list of positive affirmations. Print and place in a visible spot. 

Day #2

Lay down, get comfy and cozy and listen to a guided meditation. Love and Radiance is my very favorite

Day #3

Place one hand over your heart, close your eyes and breathe very deeply into that space for 3 minutes or until your body releases and melts and lets go and softens

Day #4

Write in a journal scribble scrabble without editing, censoring or judging- let it pour out like a river


Day #5

Create an altar using all of your sacred objects and pretty things

Day #6

Two words: coloring book. Any kind will do

Day #7

Do something crafty, creative and spontaneous; paint sunflowers and bumblebees on your kitchen table (WHY NOT)

Day #8

Watch a sunrise, sunset, moonrise...

Day #9

See how many orgasms you can have in one day

Day #10

Define how you want your life to FEEL and how you want to FEEL. Make sure your goals are in alignment with these Core Desired Feelings. The Desire Map is the perfect transformational and must-have tool for this


Day #11

Look in the mirror and say "I LOVE YOU"... and really mean it

Day #12

Say it a few more times until you cry because this is the most important thing on the whole damn list

Day #13

Stimulate your brains by taking an online course and get certified in something

Day #14

Write down everything you've accomplished and everything you're proud of yourself for doing in the past year. Then give yourself a literal pat on the back

Day #15

Re-read a book that rocked your world

Day #16

Take the online Myers Briggs Type Indicator (personality test) or the Riso-Hudson Enneagram Type Indicator

Day #17

Eat a meal, mindfully. No media. Chew slowly. Savor each and every bite

Day #18

Be absolutely, totally present in this very moment, completely aware and HERE and just be in the now and no where else, in complete amazement that you exist

Day #19

Take a Very Luxurious Naked Nap (without setting an alarm clock)

Day #20

Schedule and plan a two day "stay-cation". No housework or any kind of "work" is allowed


Day #21

Picture your older self, your Crone Self. Your wise and ancient silver haired grandmother self. Ask her something. See what she has to say...

Day #22

Do a "brain dump" list of all the things you want or need to do, just to get it out of your system. So you can feel liberated and mentally relieved. You can find a worksheet for this in my free Wellness Tools Vault

Day #23

Build a fire and feel your body get toasty warm

Day #24

Squeeze your tits and say wow, I have amazing tits

Day #25

Eat bean burritos the day before yoga class and be sure to fart. It will brighten everyone's day

Day #26

Pamper your pussy with an herbal yoni steam

Day #27

Create a self care tool box full of all the things that light you up- crystalstarot cards, your journal...

Day #28

Visit a museum or art gallery

Day #29

Start laughing. Just HOO HOO HEEEEE Hahaha like a lunatic

Day #30

Don't DO anything at all. Just BE without any agenda or goal or plan