Full + New Moon Rituals for Healing, Releasing + Manifesting (free moon phases calendar)

Full + new moon rituals for healing, releasing and manifesting. FREE PDF 2018 and 2019 Moon Phases Calendar. Get instant access!

La Luna, The Moon, is humanity's oldest symbol of femininity.

The moon has long been associated with the Divine Feminine, fertility, the subconscious and intuition. The triple moon is an ancient Celtic symbol and you’ll see it laid out as a full moon flanked by two crescent moons. These three moons symbolize the three life stages that a woman passes through: Maiden, Mother and Crone. She may pass through these stages literally/biologically or perhaps symbolically/spiritually.

The Maiden represents enchantment, purity, innocence, the promise of new beginnings, youth, excitement. Envision a young girl with a carefree aura, running wild and free.

The Mother represents giving, nurturing, protection, fulfillment, fertility, and power. It makes so much sense that the full, round moon in the center of the triple moon symbol would represent the Mother in the full bloom of pregnancy! Envision her as a soft, juicy, fertile woman holding a sweet babe.

The Crone is the elder; she represents wisdom, stability, maturity, experience, knowledge, understanding, repose, and compassion. You may envision her as a silver-haired grandmother, offering counsel to her community.

The triple moon image is an ancient goddess symbol representing Mother, Maiden and Crone.

These three life stages have been known since ancient times as The Blood Rites, or Blood Mysteries. 

It’s easy to see why, as...

  • The young Maiden will experience menarche, which is her first menstrual cycle.
  • The Mother will bear children and bleed from her yoni.
  • And the Crone will cease to bleed, which we call menopause.

These 3 Blood Rites are accompanied by intense and rapid transformation: physically, spiritually and psycho-sexually. We are exceeding powerful, intuitive and close to spirit during these times. We are prone to insights, visions and our womb wisdom speaks to us loud and clear, if we but stand still and have ears to listen. Women's bodies, being in tune with The Moon and the cycles and rhythms of nature, are especially prone to mystical states during the Full and New Moon. You can print my free PDF Moon Phases Calendar HERE. 

Full Moon Fire Ritual (Releasing/Letting Go)

The full moon presents a powerful opportunity to release the things that no longer serve you and let go of what’s holding you back... so that you can feel lighthearted, refreshed and renewed. This ritual is a symbolic way to shed and release old patterns, energies, habits, beliefs… 

For this ritual: Take time to create sacred space for yourself; a place where you can turn inward, be present and get in touch with your inner wisdom. Begin to feel at home in your body; breathe deeply to feel your muscles melt, release and let go. 

Meditate on what needs to be released, resolved, healed; whatever baggage you may be carrying. Perhaps forgiveness of self or others. Take all the time you need and write down everything that comes to mind; each item on a small piece of paper. One at a time, read each item out loud and then throw the piece of paper into a fire or burn it using whatever method you prefer. Be creative. Watch it go up in flames and say out loud: 

“Thank you for teaching me the lesson I needed to learn. I release you now.”

New Moon Water Ritual (Manifesting/Creating)

New moons represent fresh starts and beginnings. This is the time to plant the seeds of your intention and focus on what you want to bring into your life. 

For this ritual, take time to create sacred space for yourself; a place where you can turn inward, be present and get in touch with your inner wisdom. Begin to feel at home in your body; breathe deeply to feel your muscles melt, release and let go. 

Focus on what you most desire. What do you want to manifest, create, achieve, have more of? Write down everything that comes to mind. Your desires may come out in the form of words, art, symbols; make this ritual your own. 

When you’re done, pour yourself a glass of water and set it on top of the paper. Or, wrap the paper around the glass. Hold the glass of water as you meditate on/envision your desires. See yourself in the present moment having all that you need and want, as if it’s already happened. Linger in this place until you embody the peace and joy that will accompany having attained what you desire. Now, close your eyes, take a deep drink and say a word of gratitude for all the blessings that are now en route. Blessed be!

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