How To Transform Your Master Bedroom Into a Sexy, Sleepy, Soulful Sanctuary

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If you feel like you could benefit from a relaxing, serene, private oasis to escape to on the daily, for free (uh, sign me up!), then just start with your Master Bedroom; that's exactly what this space was intended for. If you had to choose only one room to be simple, calm and clutter free... this would definitely be it. According to the principles of Feng Shui, the Master Bedroom is the most important room in your home; this is the space that has the biggest impact on your happiness, relationships and overall health. Not only is the Master Bedroom where we start and end every day of our lives, but it’s where we spend most of our lives; afterall, one-third of your time is spent here, sleeping! Follow the tips below, transform your Master Bedroom and you'll very quickly start to feel refreshed, recharged and renewed. Let's get started.

A well designed Master Bedroom should easily facilitate these 4 things:

  • Deep, restful sleep

  • Relaxing and recharging

  • Romance and connection to your partner, if you have one

  • Organized clothes storage

This is all your bedroom is for, and nothing else. Oftentimes our bedroom doubles as a laundry room, living room, office or all of the above. This is not the space for work-related stressors or exercise equipment. Deep, restful sleep and connection with your partner are essential; if they aren’t happening on a regular basis, this can absolutely impact every facet of your health and wellbeing. Any object or activity in your bedroom that detract from sleep, connection with your partner and getting dressed with the greatest of ease should be thoroughly reconsidered. 

Here are the top 4 things to address in your Master Bedroom...

Too Many Clothes

The average person wears 20% of their clothes 80% of the time. Which is to say: we tend to wear the same few outfits over and over again and disregard the rest. Clothes clutter is such an enormous issue and space sucker that I actually had to devote an entire section to it in my Sacred Space Decluttering Guide.  (Btw, after "curing the closets" you're going to have less laundry to do; who doesn’t want that?) And think about this: If you’re struggling to find an outfit for yourself every morning, your day might not be getting off to the best start. Creating a simple Capsule Wardrobe will simplify and destress your life immensely. It's one of my favorite life hacks.

Seasonal Items Not Stored

Go through your clothes every summer and winter. When it’s winter, store all of your bathing suits and summer clothes/accessories away. When it’s summer, put all of your winter clothes away. This goes for seasonal shoes, too. It’ll be so much easier/faster getting dressed in the morning with a more simple, streamlined closet. 


Time to go analog.  This is the place where you need to turn off the stresses of the day. These items give off a steady stream of sleep disrupting lights and EMF’s. Things to move to another room:

  • Smartphones

  • iPads

  • Laptops

  • TV’s

  • Wi -Fi

Smartphones have turned into security blankets and I know a lot of people sleep with them right next to their head, but trust me, it’s not an item you need in your aura 24/7/365, unless you're an on-call midwife or birth doula. This is also a known relationship killer, btw. What ends up happening when your phone is on your night stand, is it becomes the last thing you look at before bed and the first thing you see when you wake up. So try this little experiment; make sure the face of Your Beloved in the first and last thing you gaze at every day, or maybe your meditation altar.


It's hard to turn your brain off at the end of a long day (or at anytime, really) when you have a lot of visual stimuli competing for your attention. Simply put, if it's taking up physical space, it's taking up mental space and studies show that having a lot of items in your line of vision creates anxiety and stress. Again, the Master Bedroom is the place to slow down your brainwaves and chill. Remove all necessary objects; especially things that remind you of any kind of work (office work, homework, housework). Notice and acknowledge subtle triggers; does seeing a pile of dirty clothes on the floor tweak your brain, reminding you of all the laundry you have to do tomorrow? Does looking at a pile of school books on your dresser remind you that you gotta start cramming for that exam? For the love of all that is holy, at least make one room in your house (this room!) super peaceful, simple, clutter free... and stress free. 

master bedroom clutter course sacred space the ultimate 12 week declutter guide course

Here's how to simplify, sexify, sleepify, and declutter your Master Bedroom and turn it into the Sacred Space it's supposed to be. 

The objective here is to slow down and decompress after a long hard day, be fully present and relaxed, and then to wake up refreshed, renewed and full of positive energy. Think of nurturing and nourishing all of your senses...


  • A soothing color palette

  • Flickering candlelight

  • The warm glow of a Himalayan salt lamp

  • Simple, beautiful linen sheets

  • A nice wicker hamper for dirty clothes


  • High quality essential oils and a diffuser

  • Natural sage energy clearing room spray

  • Palo Santo incense

  • Fresh, clean sheets- wash 'em every week

  • Open the windows everyday to let fresh air in and old, stale air (and energy) out


  • A noise machine or air purifier for white noise

  • Play a Tibetan singing bowl

  • Listen to a guided meditation

  • Bathe in total silence (my personal favorite!) #momlife


  • A luxurious cashmere throw

  • A super soft, fuzzy rug beside the bed; pamper your feet as soon as you wake up!

  • Comfy cotton or silk pj’s

  • Cuddles and loving touch

  • A weighted blanket (particularly recommended if you suffer from anxiety)

FEEL (heart feels)

  • Talk to your beloved about their day and how much you appreciate them

  • Healing crystals on your nightstand

  • An altar to sit and meditate at before bed

  • Keep a journal and pen near the bed

  • Close your eyes and say what you’re grateful for as you drift off to sleep

NOTE: In the spirit of minimalism and decluttering, be a conscious consumer and shop wisely. Only bring into your home what you really need and love. Also, remember the "one in, one out" rule; for every item you bring into your home, be sure to discard another one. 

Congrats, you've totally zenned out and beautified your Master Bedroom! But why stop there...? 

If you want to transform your home from top to bottom so that each and every square foot feels open, organized, spacious, relaxing and peaceful, then hop right over and explore my signature e-course: Sacred Space: The Ultimate 12 Week Decluttering Guide.


  • Cutting your cleaning / housekeeping duties IN HALF... and having 30 extra hours of free time every month...

  • Walking through your front door and into a home that's always simple, organized and super easy to maintain...

  • That instead of always struggling to "get more done" you find that you now have so much LESS to do...

  • And kissing the "clutter-anxiety-depression cycle" to the curb... for good

Because this is what happens when you liberate yourself from all the useless junk weighing you down.