Crone Wisdom: A Meditation + Journaling Exercise for Connecting With Your Instincts and Intuition

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Could you use some guidance, direction, healing and clarity?

Do you feel lost, confused, stuck or all of the above?  What if you had a confidence building, results oriented, intuitive method for navigating the stressful situation you're currently in and Finding Your Way? My go-to process is the Inner Crone Meditation and Journaling Exercise you'll find below, which could easily be summed up with this ancient and potent piece of wisdom from the Chinese Philosopher Lao Tzu: 

Inner Crone Journal + Meditation. Wisdom, goddess, soul, spirit, intuition, tarot, divine feminine

I've found it to be be true, over and over and over again and it's one of the reasons I consult my tarot cards on a regular basis. Before we begin, let's talk about some of the primary reasons why we may have trouble finding the answers we seek.

1.) We're too busy and hyper stimulated to hear or see the answers.

In our fast paced modern world, you may have trouble slowing down the "monkey mind" enough to pay attention and notice those "Ah-ha!" moments. This is why creating sacred space, engaging in ritual and meditating are so important. Here, we have the time, space and opportunity to stop and listen to our womb wisdom; to be fully present and aware. Neurologically speaking, what I'm talking about here is switching over from those high frequency beta brain waves and into those softer, slower states: alpha, theta, delta. Be soft, slow and still. See what happens there. You may hear your Higher Self speaking to you loud and clear.

2.) The answers may not come to us in the form of intellectual thoughts; but in the form of gut feelings, physical sensations, dreams and symbols.

Too often, gut feelings are overlooked, intuitive thoughts dismissed and dreams discredited. This is often where our most powerful and clear answers are found! Remember to listen to your body and notice physical sensations; the body often knows before the mind does. Animals rely on instincts like this for survival; we humans would do well to put some stock in it, too. (Ex. Ever wondered if a particular person is to be trusted? Ask yourself: How does my body react in the presence of that person? Do you assume a receptive or defensive posture? Feel your muscles tighten or release? Do you feel "open" or "closed off"?)

3.) We would rather someone else to tell us what to do. 

This can stem from not trusting yourself, or wanting to be relieved of the burden and responsibility of having to figure it out on your own. Do you trust yourself to make wise and healthy choices? If you seek approval, validation, permission, guidance and answers only from others, this may result in behaviors and actions contrary to your identity, purpose and core values. In short, you'll be taking action that is inauthentic and contrary to the essence of who you are. Overcoming approval seeking behavior, making a conscious decision to trust yourself, and having confidence that you know (or will eventually find) your way will lead to a more positive, empowering and fulfilling life. Sometimes, it's nice to have outside perspective and counsel, but this isn't something to rely on 100% of the time. Take the course of action that sings to your soul. 

So, there's my list of the top three reasons why you're having trouble finding the clarity, healing and direction that you seek. The beautiful thing about the following "Inner Crone" exercise, is that it specifically addresses those three issues.

This Inner Crone Journaling and Meditation Exercise will allow you to:

  • Intentionally slow down, create sacred space and turn within. Within silence and stillness you'll find magic and peace.

  • Move out of your "monkey mind" / left brain (critical thinking) and into your body and your right brain (creative/intuitive side).

  • Pay attention to to the language of your physical body and what it's trying to communicate.

  • Learn to trust your inner compass/intuition/instincts/womb wisdom.

Alright, let's get started.

All you'll need for this exercise is pen and paper. After you've acquired these materials, take a moment to find or create Sacred Space; a cozy, quiet, safe, secure spot where you can fully relax, let go and enter into a place of non judgement and self acceptance. Take a few deep, belly breaths and begin to grow soft in your mind and body. Connect to your heart center. Feel your shoulders melt down into the frame of your body, away from your ears. Jaw relaxes, unclenches. Belly becomes soft. Every muscle and cell becomes at ease. Take all the time you need. Begin to feel at home within yourself. Breath becomes deeper, slower, steadier. Stay in this place for 5 minutes if you are able. More is ok, too. 

Now it's time to write. 

Ask yourself: What is the number one fear, worry, concern or heart wound I want to resolve, release and heal?

Think of your biggest pain point. Write it down and be specific:

"I am struggling with ____________ and I want to be set free. HOW?"

Now, I’d like you to close your eyes and imagine yourself as a much older woman; your Crone self. Your silver haired, wise and ancient future self. You are infinitely kind and compassionate (although wise as a serpent) with the eyes of a hawk and the heart of a dove. You fully trust your instincts and intuition because you’ve seen, felt and been through so much. Empathy is your strong point and listening with the ears of the heart, your greatest skill and gift. People regularly seek your counsel because they know they will be well advised…. And after receiving your guidance, they walk away feeling light hearted, nurtured, spiritually renewed and refreshed. In your presence, they feel safe, secure and wrapped in the arms of The Great Comic Mother. 

Again, meditate on the main issue you listed above…the one you'd like to resolve, release and heal. I’d like you to now listen to the counsel that your older, wiser self, (your "Inner Crone"), would provide. What advice, kind words, tough love or pearls of wisdom would she let pour forth with the greatest of ease? What exactly would she say to you? Quickly write down your “Inner Crone’s” response, without analyzing, editing, judging. Let it flow, and do it now. What comes out may be words, symbols, sentences, jibber jabber. Let it come. Don't hold back and don't critique.

It might be harsh realism. It might be kind and sweet. It may be both. It could be one word, one sentence, one page or ten.

What did she say? What actionable steps do you feel inspired to take? How do you feel?

Let me know in the comments below.

Inner Crone Journaling and Meditation Exercise. Wisdom, Goddess, Wicca, Dreams, Intuition, Soul, Witch

Grow toward the light. You are a powerful creator!