Connect with your Wise Inner Crone

The Crone is the archetypal Wise Woman.  She speaks to you loud and clear (we call this "intuition"), but oftentimes we're too busy to listen, or can't decipher the message, because she speaks in the language of dreams and symbols. An exceptional tool for translating these potent messages lies in Tarot. Although I'm present to facilitate the experience, the magic and answers are within you already. Together, on the full or new moon, we'll create the time and space so that you can get quiet and still enough to listen to these soul whisperings. As the great Chinese Philosopher Lao Tzu said: “At the center of your being you have the answer; you know who you are and you know what you want.”

The Tarot is an ancient, time tested divination exercise (as well as a very practical and effective one) for tapping into, illuminating and amplifying your subconscious beliefs and feelings... and bringing them up into the conscious mind. This newfound awareness brings potent insights ("ah-ha!" moments) that can then be turned into Right Action. The latin phrase "gnothi seauton" meaning ("KNOW THYSELF") encapsulates this perfectly. At the end of our session, you'll feel affirmed, inspired, refreshed and at ease. My deepest desire is that our Tarot session brings forth a deeper sense of peace, clarity and direction! 

"Melynda is amazing. She did a Tarot reading for me about a month ago and it was EERILY accurate!! She is such an amazing spiritual presence. I am due for another reading and definitely look forward to seeing what it says! Highly recommend this lovely Tarot Goddess!" - Leah Dubin / Jackson, Mississippi


"Melynda conducted my tarot reading with a perfect blend of knowledge and spiritual insight. Through her guidance, I walked away with a deeper understanding of my life's past, present and future paths." - Glenda Smith / Aiken, South Carolina


“Before my 2017/2018 reading with Melynda, I’d had my cards read once. that time was fine, but yesterday’s reading blew me out of the water. As Melynda explained it, there was no mystic outside force at work here, but rather a universal symbol prompting thoughts and feelings already simmering in my subconscious. I feel positive and invigorated heading into the New Year. Thanks, MELyNDA!” - Jessica Hatch / Jacksonville, Florida

The voice of your soul is your inner guidance system - your intuition. The voice of your soul knows your unique purpose and wants to tell you. To live up to your full potential and realize your dreams, you simply need to listen to your soul whisperings and make them loud and clear. Listen closely and it will tell you how to turn your highest potential into reality.

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