SHAKTI WELLNESS: 6 Month Ayurvedic Health Coaching Program

You are divine by design and everything you need is already within you. My job is just to guide you in illuminating, excavating and activating all that deeply buried magic! SHAKTI WELLNESS- my signature 6 month holistic coaching program, includes all of my self paced online courses, private yoga and meditation classes, tarot card readings... and so much more. Together, we'll redesign your life, heal from the inside out and take all aspects of your wellness into consideration, so you can truly thrive; Mind, Body and Soul. For the next 6 months, you'll feel nourished, nurtured and totally supported as you radically improve your health and happiness.


GODDESS RETREAT: An Intimate Two Day Immersion

This intimate, two day immersion provides the time, support and setting you need to get radical results fast. You'll get my undivided expert attention and customized coaching at a luxurious beachside resort in sunny Atlantic Beach, Florida. Your Goddess Retreat is a super condensed version of Into The Flow; think of it as 6 months of coaching crammed into two inspiring days. Gourmet meals, private yoga sessions, spa treatments and palm trees included.