What is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is the traditional natural healing system of India which originated over five thousand years ago. Ayurveda considers all aspects of healing- from diet and herbs, to mantra and meditation. It’s a complete holistic system of medicine that takes into consideration each person’s unique Dosha (MindBody type). Ayurveda is known as The Mother Of All Healing, because it takes into consideration each and every aspect of wellbeing; emotional, spiritual, physical, sexual, mental, etc. Ayurveda upholds the idea of living in harmony with the rhythms of nature and seeks to identify the root cause of disease or illness and then form a plan of healing to address it directly; instead of just masking the symptoms. Pronounced “Ah-your-vay-dah”, this ancient healing system has three objectives:

  • Preventing disease and illness

  • Healing disease and illness

  • Promoting longevity

Ayurveda explains the laws of nature that promote and deteriorate health. The first cause of illness is said to be a loss of faith in the Divine or experiencing spiritual disconnection. From here, physical illness develops due to either internal conditions (diet) or environmental factors.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Paypal, Venmo, cash, money order.

do you offer virtual services?

Yes. For your convenience and comfort, all of my offerings (yoga, ayurvedic health coaching, maternity consulting, etc.) are also available virtually so that you can be supported no matter where you are in the world.

How are virtual sessions conducted?

Our virtual sessions can be done via Skype, FaceTime or telephone; whichever you prefer.


Into The Flow (Ayurvedic Health Coaching Program)


when does the 2020 I.T.F. program begin and end?

There are 3 options for coaching; they all begin in January 2020 and end in June 2020.

  • Session A: Receive private, one-on-one coaching every Tuesday from January 7th- June 16th, 2020. You may pick the times.

  • Session B: Receive private, one-on-one coaching every Wednesday from January 8th- June 17th, 2020. You may pick the times.

  • Session C: Enjoy group coaching every Thursday evening (6:30pm-8:30pm) from January 9th- June 25th. Alternating weeks, for yoga, our sessions only run one hour, from 6:30-7:30pm.

What if I have to miss a session?

If you have to miss a session, please reschedule at your earliest convenience.

I don’t see an option that fits my busy schedule.

Get in touch and let’s talk about creating a unique schedule just for you.

is there an option for renewal?

Yes, all programs have a renewal option and include an automatic 10% discount.

what topics does your program usually cover?

Coaching sessions are exquisitely tailored to you and your unique needs, goals and health status. Common topics include…

  • Mindful, intuitive eating and cooking

  • Vegan and vegetarian recipes

  • Safe, natural anxiety and depression remedies

  • Developing a daily self care routine so you can start and end the day with gratitude, peace and joy

  • Time management, productivity and S.M.A.R.T. goal setting so you can overcome the "Time Famine" feeling of not having enough hours in the day

  • Simple living + intentional minimalism (letting go of things that no longer serve you)

  • How to nourish, nurture or uncover your sexual, sensual, creative and spiritual sides

  • Detoxing and “greening” your home

  • Creating systems and schedules for decluttering, cleaning + organizing your home

  • Exploring the goddess and the divine feminine

  • Setting healthy boundaries and understanding your self worth

  • Balancing career and family life so you can thrive in both areas

  • Yoga + meditation techniques to help you feel grounded, centered and fully present in the full bloom of life

  • Creating an enjoyable fitness routine to help you maintain your ideal weight and shape

  • Herbs, essential oils, vitamins and supplements to address you unique health concerns

  • Optimal nutrition so you can nourish yourself on a cellular and energetic level

  • Prenatal Wellness, Conscious Childbirth and Primal Parenting

  • How to take the stress out of creating nutritious, affordable, delicious meals / weekly meal planning




What if I’ve never done yoga before?

Some of my favorite clients to work with are absolute beginners. There are no pre-requisites or special abilities needed to start; if you have a body and you can breathe, then you can do yoga! Before our first session, we will do an in depth Ayurvedic Wellness Consultation to determine your unique needs, goals, health status and Dosha (MindBody type). Your live, private, yoga class will be tailored specifically to you.

what do I need for our yoga classes?

  • yoga mat

  • water bottle

  • small towel

  • fully charged laptop (with charger nearby)

  • two yoga blocks

  • yoga strap

  • a quiet, distraction free space