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Yoni Health + Healing: A Women's Wisdom Workshop

  • Ayurvedic Center of Health and Healing 2820 Gibson Road Jacksonville, FL, 32207 United States (map)

The YONI is a sacred symbol of the divine feminine principle. It represents the seat of your feminine power, intuition, creativity, sensuality and your ability to manifest.

Yoni is more literarily translated as "sacred space" and anatomically, refers to female genitalia and reproductive organs. How you perceive, relate to, engage with and take care of your yoni profoundly impacts every dimension of your health and wellbeing.

This workshop falls on the New Moon and is an integral blend of breath, primal movement, yoga, mudra, creative writing, lecture and group discussion and is for women who want to:

Learn how to love, accept, adore and take care of their yonis

Explore, balance and connect to their sacral chakra

Give birth with integrity; whether to a baby, an idea, a business, a new version of themselves...

Clear and open the powerful energetic pathway/portal that is The Yoni

Release and resolve any emotional, physical or ancestral pain connected to their womb

Understand how their relationship to their yoni is directly connected to their ability to (wo)manifest and live with passion, integrity, self love and healthy boundaries


Look at the yoni from an anatomical and energetic perspective

Enjoy a 30 minute hip opening yoga sequence that awakens and balances the sacral chakra (pelvic region)

Experience a guided meditation for reclaiming your power and releasing any guilt, shame or trauma associated with your yoni

Dive into a powerful creative writing/ intuitive journaling exercise so you can bring forth what's been hidden or elusive as it relates to your personal healing and evolution

Discuss our spiritual and sexual relationship to our yonis. Do you have love, pride and appreciation for your yoni? Why or why not?

Learn a powerful womb breathing technique designed to awaken, ignite and heal that sacred place


A 15 page workbook which contains: Positive affirmations for your sacral chakra, Kali Yantra, Prayer Work, Womb Rituals for the New and Full Moon, journal prompts, as well as information on yoni eggs, yoni wands, yoni steaming, yoni gazing...

1 piece of each of Moonstone + clear quartz

The chance to win a FREE 30 minute Yoni Steam Session in our private spa room

A $20 off coupon code towards our locally made, handcrafted Yoni Thrones (steam at home anytime you want!)


Any girl or woman of any age with any interest in sacred sexuality, yoga, freedom, love, conscious birth, the divine feminine, self knowledge and self acceptance.

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Location: Ayurvedic Center of Health and Healing in Jacksonville, Florida

Investment: $87

Date + Time: 10/27/19, 6-9pm (Sunday)


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